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About ARCH

Countless women find, to their emotional cost, that life is never the same again, however early an abortion takes place. Men and family members can also experience grief and guilt over their active or passive role in the abortion decision.

Our Mission:

Abortion Recovery Care & Helpline (ARCH) is dedicated to promoting the emotional and psychological well-being of service users, by the provision of counselling and support to women, men and families after an abortion.


Our Vision:

We provide post-abortion support to anyone in the UK while acknowledging and educating about the challenges and struggles that many face silently.

We know abortion hurts, that's why we are here.


Our Services

All of our services are offered confidentially, compassionately, without judgement and
free of charge for those struggling after abortion.
Woman Texting

UK Befriender Helpline

Women and girls struggle in a number of ways after an abortion, whether immediately or sometime later. Sometimes the person wants to talk to someone there and then. Perhaps their experience is recent, and they are acutely distressed, or it may be months, years or decades after the abortion and something has brought it particularly to the fore. Others involved may call to talk about how they have been affected or to discuss how they might support the woman or girl in her suffering.

Our UK Befriender Helpline is staffed by volunteer Befrienders, some of whom have personal or family experience of abortion.
They are there to listen to you.

0345 603 8501

Mon-Fri office hours 9am-5pm and daily 7pm-10pm

Including holidays


Often people get in touch because it is not getting any easier or has suddenly gotten worse and has reached the point where they want to try counselling.  
Many have been advised to seek our counselling by a healthcare professional, relative or friend. 

If you are looking for counselling sessions, we can offer you telephone or video sessions anywhere in the UK or face-to-face sessions in Glasgow.

Support Groups

We aim to build a network of support groups. Currently we have one in Glasgow, with Nottingham and Dundee starting in 2024.  The groups create a safe place for women to share their stories, thoughts, feelings, difficulties, and what helps - in a compassionate, non-judgemental and confidential setting.

Facilitated by a Qualified Therapist and a co-facilitator, the group will meet once a month, for five months and is free of charge. If you are six months or more* post abortion, would like to find out more and discuss whether it may be helpful, please get in touch with

(*There is no upper limit.)

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