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Coercion is Abuse

Coerced Abortion takes many forms from direct to indirect. Here are quotes from women coerced into abortion who anonymously took our current Coercion Survey:

Are you are being coerced?

  • Tell the clinic or your GP

  • Tell a trusted friend or family member

  • Feel at risk? Tell the Police

Worried you may be under pressure or being coerced?

  • Our Self-Survey Tool  below may help.

In January 2019 we launched our first survey on coercion and pressure to have an abortion.  The results confirmed what we had heard from countless women and girls, and also gave us further insight. This helped us raise awareness about this deeply concerning issue. We are very grateful to all the women who took part in our first survey. We appreciate how difficult it must have been for many of you to complete it and we were very moved by the responses and spurred on by your encouragement. 

Your words helped many understand the great harm that has been done to you, in ways we could not have managed by ourselves. We tried to make your voices heard where they could make a difference and we are hopeful that they sparked conversations that will help bring about change. We feel duty bound, to you and all the women and girls who will come after you, to do everything we can to bring this issue out into the open and work towards the time when no woman or girl, under any circumstances, will be pressurised or coerced by anyone to end her pregnancy.

Through hearing your views on what could have helped you and research on similar screening methods we developed a screening tool which we hope can help empower women to know their rights, get support and be protected from any source of pressure or coercion. We hope this tool could be used in any clinical setting but developed a version women and girls can use themselves.  This questionnaire allows women and girls to explore their situation, and, we hope, empowers them to seek support if they are subject to pressure or coercion.

In 2021 we expanded the original survey in order to get more detailed information, which can be used in more valuable and wide-ranging ways to help raise awareness of and tackle the issue of coerced abortion.

Please find both the Self-survey Tool and the updated Coercion Survey above.

Understanding Coerced Abortion

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